About Marine Services

About Marine Services


Stuart A Hoskin, Manager of Marine Services

Inquisitive at an early age, Stuart entered the world of electrics straight from school in Scotland
aged 16 in the early 1990s working as a  trainee electrical wiring installer for prefab buildings.
Following on Stuart found his feet within the IT Industry first as network installation engineer and
then as IT and Technical Manager for a firm in Milton Keynes with branches spanning from Coventry
to Kempston in Bedford.

This position was the longest held in his career and during his time there when not building network
hardware and working with digital electronics or answering internal technical queries, He contributed
to setting up radio systems for cross site data transfer along with installing, servicing and repairing
various machinery within the company.He was also responsible for Fire Safety and Electrical Safety
for the entire company.

Stuart’s answer to redundancy in 2007 was translating years of very diverse and technical experience
to a recognised city and guilds electrical competence and inspection and testing certificate before
offering his services on a self employed basis as Electrical & Electronic Technical Consultant.
This career move spans the 7 years to present and for the last 4 years Stuart’s focus has
been inside boats as sole sub-contractor for an U.K broker being responsible for supplying and fitting
any new electronics on board newly purchased yachts and ironing out electrical faults under warranty.
Contracts completed for various companies including Paramount Grp, Coastline Ribs, RYA, Davis Marine.

As a primary source of income Stuart diagnoses and repairs boat electrical faults and installs new
equipment and instrumentation in the Southampton and Portsmouth area whilst on the creative
side He has come up with his own cheap and reliable method of light conversion to LED and designed
circuitry that monitors bilges, temperature and humidity on board, reporting via web or sms.

Stuarts key strengths are tenacity when focused on diagnosing a problem and a photo-graphic memory.
Having programmed computer languages and dealt with a diverse range of computer systems,
Stuart can often click through a set of menus on a device in seconds where it takes others half a day
with a book in their hand.

Stuart also plays Violin, Piano Accordion and Guitar frequently and writes his own music and songs.
Helpful and Friendly, Stuart will endeavor to provide you with the best level of service
professionally available at the fairest rate.